Kaiku Caffè Latte Cappuccino

A hint of sweetness for better mornings.

Italians only drink cappuccino in the morning, but since we don’t see any Italians around, feel free to enjoy the best Arabica coffee from Nicaragua and Honduras, with a touch of chocolate, whenever you want. We won’t tell!

And if you always find yourself wanting more, try our Mr. Big with 370 ml.

Would you like to enjoy the finest Arabica coffee and the best fresh milk?

Lift the lid and drink it chilled!

All of our coffee is from certified Rainforest Alliance plantations.



Find us in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket!


Pasteurised Iced Coffee with Cocoa.

Ingredients: semi-skimmed milk 78% (1,5% fat), Arabica coffee* 17%, sugar, cocoa powder* 0,2%, stabiliser: sodium phosphate; thickener: carrageenan. Suitable for vegetarians.
* Rainforest Alliance Certified™Caffeine content: 80 mg per Cup.

Keep refrigerated at a maximum temperature of +8°C

Nutritional information per 100ml:
Energy value: 251 kJ (59 kcal).
Fat: 1.2 g. Of which saturates 0.7 g.
Carbohydrates:  9.2 g. Of which sugars 8.8 g.
Protein: 2.8 g. Salt: 0.14 g.
Calcium: 98 mg (28% NRV** per pack).
Nutrient Reference Values. GLUTEN FREE. FORMAT: 230 ml & 370 ml..