Kaiku Caffè Latte Sugar-Free

Are you searching for an intense coffee with no added sugars? Look no more.

Sweetness is overrated. It is possible to have no added sugars, sweeteners or lactose, and still be the best Arabica coffee from India. Try it and you’ll understand!

Would you like to enjoy the finest Arabica coffee and the best fresh milk?

Lift the lid and drink it chilled!

All of our coffee is from certified Rainforest Alliance plantations.



Find us in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket!


Coffee pasteurized milk drink, lactose-free. No added sugar. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

Ingredients: partly skimmed lactose free milk 82% (2,5% fat), Arabica coffee* 18%, stabiliser sodium phosphates, thickener carrageenan; lactase. Suitable for vegetarians. *Rainforest Alliance Certified™Caffeine content: 110 mg per cup. Lactose content: <0.01 g/100 ml.

Keep refrigerated at a maximum temperature of +8°C

Nutritional information per 100ml:
Energy value: 207 kJ (49 kcal).
Fat: 2.1 g. Of which saturates 1.2 g.
Carbohydrates:  4.5 g. Of which sugars 3.9 g.
Protein: 3 g. Salt: 0,15 g.
Calcium: 102 mg (29% NRV* per pack).
** Nutrient Reference Values. GLUTEN FREE. Lactose content: < 0.01g/100ml. FORMAT: 230 ml..